No Border Camp 2022 Compilation

Op Bandcamp: No Border Camp 2022 Compilation

Today, we are thrilled to release the «No Border Camp 2022» compilation, a collection of songs gracefully given to us by twenty four different artists from across many a border whose existence we decisively contest. From punk to black metal, from hip-hop to grindcore, from folk to electronic, and from drone to noise rock, this is intended as a soundtrack against all nation states and their inhumane borders. The compilation is available for download on a ‘pay what you want’ format with all proceedings going to the funding of the No Border Camp 2022, which runs from August 8 to 14 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Our sincere gratitude to Bad Breeding, Black Decades, Crustenunie, 2 Manky Hookers & a Racist Dwarf, Worthlessness , The Empyrean, Medieval Acid Party, Zalm, JenJen, Lifeless Past, Mystras, Terzij de Horde, Ethan Lee McCarthy, Nøbøføtø, Nomadic War Machine, Nukke, Oust, Spetterpoep, Dj Onko, USA Nails, The Super Soakers, Your Local Pirates, Paul Bacardi & Mik de Jager, 45ACIDBABIES, Bumble B. Boy, Sessions, and Deeez.

Bad Breeding – Burn This Flag | Originally released on the Burn This Flag EP (2014) |
Black Decades – Automaton Incarnate | Originally released on the Never A Word EP (2020) |
Crustenunie – Coalitie | Originally released on the Degoutant EP (2021) |
2 Manky Hookers & a Racist Dwarf – Samota | Originally released on Demo (2022) |
Worthlessness – You’re worthless | Previously unrleased |
The Empyrean – Tardigrades | Originally released on In The Big House (2021)
Medieval Acid Party – Untitled | Previously unreleased
Zalm – Starten en wegrijden met de loader | Previously unreleased |
JenJen – GrensLoos | Previously unreleased |
Lifeless Past – Miles Away | Originally released on Discarnate Objects (2019) |
Mystras – In The Company of Heretics | Originally released on Empires Vanquished and Dismantled (2021) |
Terzij de Horde – Cheiron | Originally released on the In One of These, I am Your Enemy EP (2022) |
Ethan Lee McCarthy – The Petite Prince | Originally released on Beauty In All Things (Part One & Two), (2022) |
Nøbøføtø – Mammon | Originally released in 2022 |
Nomadic War Machine – I Hate Every Cop In This Town | Originally released on the Creatures Of The Wind EP (2020) |
Nukke – Life Is A Nightmare | Previously unreleased |
Oust – Genocide At Sea | Previously released on the Oust EP |
Spetterpoep – mark rutte stopt bijen in mijn plasbuis | Previously unreleased |
Dj Onko – For Prescription Use Only | Originally released on the Wicky Leaks EP (2021) |
USA Nails – Dumb of Choice | Originally released on Character Stop (2020) |
The Super Soakers – Imagination | Originally released on Monuments of Anger in the Infrastructure of Boredom (2022)
Your Local Pirates – Rainbow Colors | Originally released on the Take No Orders cd (2022), digital exclusive for the compilation |
Paul Bacardi & Mik de Jager – Grand Designs | Previously unreleased
45Acidbabies – 3 (Walk with me) | Originally released in 2020 |
Bumble B. Boy – Cevis Agaci | Originally released in 2021 |
Sessions – Småland | Previously unreleased
Deeez – Thales Kills | Previously unreleased

Author: nbc

Supporting No Border Camps in Europe. #AbolishFrontex