We are working hard on the accessibility of the camp. More information about this important matter will be published here later this week. If you have any questions or requests, please send a message to


We werken hard aan de toegankelijkheid van het kamp. Meer informatie over deze belangrijke zaak wordt binnen een paar dagen op deze website geplaatst. Als je vragen of verzoeken over toegankelijkheid hebt, stuur dan een mail naar

No Border Camp in Groningen this year

Two weeks to go until No Border Camp 2023 and people are wanting to plan their travels. And although we cannot reveal the address as yet, we can share that this edition will be held in Groningen.

Hope to see you there!!

Over twee weken is het zover: No Border Camp 2023 en het is duidelijk dat mensen hun reis willen plannen. Hoewel we de exacte locatie nog niet kunnen delen, kunnen we wel verklappen dat deze editie in Groningen gehouden wordt.

We hopen je daar te ontmoeten!!


If you want to donate to the No Border Camp, you can transfer money to Het Zwarte Gat, a solidarity fund supporting activists in the north of the Netherlands financially. Please add the description “no border camp” or similar explanation so they know what the donation is for (or send an email to discuss how to donate in another way). These are the bank details:

NL41 TRIO 0391 0365 64
With the name:
Solidariteitsfonds Het Zwarte Gat
Postbus 7007, 9701 JA Groningen

Of course it’s also possible to donate cash during the week of august 21-27. The money will be used for everything that’s needed to organise the camp: from tents and food to train tickets for those that need it and action materials.

No Border Camp 2023

21-27 august, The Netherlands

This summer, somewhere in the Dutch-occupied territories, the fifth edition of No Border Camp will take place. It will be a week full of actions, workshops and discussions around the topic of migration, its repression and its liberation.

As the name of the camp suggests, we dream of a world without borders. A world in which everyone is able to move freely, without risk of detention, deportation or exploitation. A world without Frontex. But we won’t let these dreams be limited to our imagination. We fully intend on realising these dreams in the here and now, unapologetically, together. This means exploring intersecting areas of struggle like climate justice, anti-racism and anti-militarism, and strengthening the connections between them. And between us. Because solidarity is our weapon.

We hope to bring the undocumented and documented together to exchange knowledge, share stories, forge connections and build a strong, collective resistance to borders everywhere.

The location will be announced shortly before the start of the event. Make sure to keep an eye on our website and social media.

Do you have ideas for workshops or actions? Or would you like to help with organizing? Send us an email at!


Deze zomer, ergens in de door Nederland bezette gebieden, vindt de vijfde editie van No Border Camp plaats. Het wordt een week vol acties, workshops en discussies rond het thema migratie, de repressie ervan en z’n bevrijding.

Zoals de naam van het kamp al suggereert, dromen we van een wereld zonder grenzen. Een wereld waarin iedereen vrij kan bewegen zonder risico op detentie, deportatie of uitbuiting. Een wereld zonder Frontex. Maar we laten het niet bij dromen. Onze intentie is niets minder dan het realiseren van deze dromen in het hier en nu, onbeschaamd, samen. Dit betekent het verkennen van kruisende domeinen van strijd, zoals klimaatrechtvaardigheid, anti-racisme en anti-militarisme, en het versterken van de verbindingen ertussen. En tussen ons. Want solidariteit is ons wapen.

We hopen ongedocumenteerden en gedocumenteerden samen te brengen, kennis en verhalen uit te wisselen, verbindingen te leggen en te bouwen aan een sterk, collectief verzet tegen grenzen, overal.

De locatie zal kort van tevoren bekend worden gemaakt. Hou onze website en sociale media in de gaten!

Heb je ideeën voor workshops of acties? Of wil je meehelpen met organiseren? Mail ons op!

Sit-in in terminal Rotterdam Airport against deportations and Frontex

From 12pm to 2pm today about 50 participants from the No Border Camp 2022 in Rotterdam held a sit-in in the terminal of Rotterdam The Hague Airport, with banners, flyers and speeches. They protested against deportation flights that regularly take place from this airport, as well as against EU border guard agency Frontex and its increasing role in coordinating and stimulating deportations.

Deportations are a central aspect of Europe’s border and migration policies, that focus on getting or keeping refugees out of the EU. Noah of the camp organisation said: ‘With this action we target the role of this airport in facilitating deportations. Refugees are violently removed and brought to unsafe countries where they have to face war, repression, poverty or hunger. We also put the spotlight on EU border guard agency Frontex, which plays an ever more central role in stimulating and coordinating joint deportations from EU countries.’ Last year, Frontex supported the deportations of 18,300 persons.

The action at the airport, where people are also standing outside with banners and flyers to inform passengers and visitors, is the final public activity of the No Border Camp. The camp, which started on Monday at Giessenweg 25 in Rotterdam, brought hundreds of international activists together for meetings, workshops, culture and actions against Europe’s border and migration policies. The international Abolish Frontex campaign is a spearhead of the camp.

Abolish Frontex is a decentralised and autonomous network of at the moment some 130 groups and organisations from EU countries and beyond. The aim of Abolish Frontex is not to reform or improve EU border guard agency Frontex, or to replace it with more of the same. But rather to target the policies and system that keeps Frontex in place. Abolish Frontex is working towards ending the EU border regime, dismantling the border-industrial complex, and building a society where people are free to move and live.

A part of the group continued the action with a short solidarity demonstration at the detention center next to the airport. On Wednesday a large solidarity demo was held there as well.

No Border Camp 2022 Compilation

Op Bandcamp: No Border Camp 2022 Compilation

Today, we are thrilled to release the «No Border Camp 2022» compilation, a collection of songs gracefully given to us by twenty four different artists from across many a border whose existence we decisively contest. From punk to black metal, from hip-hop to grindcore, from folk to electronic, and from drone to noise rock, this is intended as a soundtrack against all nation states and their inhumane borders. The compilation is available for download on a ‘pay what you want’ format with all proceedings going to the funding of the No Border Camp 2022, which runs from August 8 to 14 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Our sincere gratitude to Bad Breeding, Black Decades, Crustenunie, 2 Manky Hookers & a Racist Dwarf, Worthlessness , The Empyrean, Medieval Acid Party, Zalm, JenJen, Lifeless Past, Mystras, Terzij de Horde, Ethan Lee McCarthy, Nøbøføtø, Nomadic War Machine, Nukke, Oust, Spetterpoep, Dj Onko, USA Nails, The Super Soakers, Your Local Pirates, Paul Bacardi & Mik de Jager, 45ACIDBABIES, Bumble B. Boy, Sessions, and Deeez.

Bad Breeding – Burn This Flag | Originally released on the Burn This Flag EP (2014) |
Black Decades – Automaton Incarnate | Originally released on the Never A Word EP (2020) |
Crustenunie – Coalitie | Originally released on the Degoutant EP (2021) |
2 Manky Hookers & a Racist Dwarf – Samota | Originally released on Demo (2022) |
Worthlessness – You’re worthless | Previously unrleased |
The Empyrean – Tardigrades | Originally released on In The Big House (2021)
Medieval Acid Party – Untitled | Previously unreleased
Zalm – Starten en wegrijden met de loader | Previously unreleased |
JenJen – GrensLoos | Previously unreleased |
Lifeless Past – Miles Away | Originally released on Discarnate Objects (2019) |
Mystras – In The Company of Heretics | Originally released on Empires Vanquished and Dismantled (2021) |
Terzij de Horde – Cheiron | Originally released on the In One of These, I am Your Enemy EP (2022) |
Ethan Lee McCarthy – The Petite Prince | Originally released on Beauty In All Things (Part One & Two), (2022) |
Nøbøføtø – Mammon | Originally released in 2022 |
Nomadic War Machine – I Hate Every Cop In This Town | Originally released on the Creatures Of The Wind EP (2020) |
Nukke – Life Is A Nightmare | Previously unreleased |
Oust – Genocide At Sea | Previously released on the Oust EP |
Spetterpoep – mark rutte stopt bijen in mijn plasbuis | Previously unreleased |
Dj Onko – For Prescription Use Only | Originally released on the Wicky Leaks EP (2021) |
USA Nails – Dumb of Choice | Originally released on Character Stop (2020) |
The Super Soakers – Imagination | Originally released on Monuments of Anger in the Infrastructure of Boredom (2022)
Your Local Pirates – Rainbow Colors | Originally released on the Take No Orders cd (2022), digital exclusive for the compilation |
Paul Bacardi & Mik de Jager – Grand Designs | Previously unreleased
45Acidbabies – 3 (Walk with me) | Originally released in 2020 |
Bumble B. Boy – Cevis Agaci | Originally released in 2021 |
Sessions – Småland | Previously unreleased
Deeez – Thales Kills | Previously unreleased

Solidarity Demonstration at Detention Centre Rotterdam

Today we did a solidarity demonstration at the Detention Centre Rotterdam (DCR). In this prison, people are locked up awaiting their deportation. The DCR is part of the cruel, racist and colonial detention and deportation regime of Fortress Europe.

With around 80 people, we marched together to the DCR to make a lot of noise and show the imprisoned people that we stand with them. At the prison, some people gave speeches for the people inside and it was clear that our presence was noted as people were waving from their windows. We chanted, held flags that reached above the walls of the prison and threw tennis balls with the phone number of a support line inside the prison walls.

Fortress Europe starts here, let’s stop it here!

Action at Nationale Nederlanden, investor in Polish border wall company

9 August 2022 – This afternoon a group of people from the No Border Camp did a small action with banners, leaflets and speeches in and in front of the Nationale Nederlanden café next to Rotterdam Central Station. Nationale Nederlanden is a Dutch insurance and investment company, that is the second largest shareholder of Polish construction company Budimex, which built the wall on the border between Poland and Belarus. Owning almost 10% of the shares of Budimex, Nationale Nederlanden is a major profiteer of the violence at this border. The 105 km section of the wall Budimex is responsible for was completed last month. The group called on Nationale Nederlanden to divest from Budimex, informing people visiting the café and passersby about the situation with the border wall.

For more info on the involvement of Nationale Nederlanden, see here.

No Border Camp van start!

Route to Giessenweg 25, Rotterdam: Eng

Route Giessenweg 25, Rotterdam: NL

Press release – No Border Camp 2022

No Border Camp 2022 in Rotterdam has started
– week of actions and workshops against repressive border and migration policies

Rotterdam, 8 August 2022 – At 10 am this morning the No Border Camp 2022 has started at the Giessenweg 25 in Rotterdam. Over the coming week, hundreds of international activists will gather for actions, meetings, workshops, discussion and culture in the context of the struggle for a world without borders and freedom of movement for all. The international ‘Abolish Frontex’ campaign is an important spearhead of the camp.

The camp, including its actions and workshops, will call attention to the repressive and militarised Dutch and EU border and migration policies, at a time they reach new heights with walls, racism, violence and pushbacks at and beyond the borders. ‘The No Border Camp will bring people together to build a movement to resist the appalling, racist European border policies and take action against its profiteers, such as arms companies ‘, according to Noah of the organisation of the camp.

Abolish Frontex is a decentralised and autonomous network of at the moment some 130 groups and organisations from EU countries and beyond. The aim of Abolish Frontex is not to reform or improve EU border guard agency Frontex, or to replace it with more of the same. But rather to target the policies and system that keeps Frontex in place. Abolish Frontex is working towards ending the EU border regime, dismantling the border-industrial complex, and building a society where people are free to move and live.

The camp is organised by a coalition of activists from several groups in The Netherlands, and follows the previous No Border Camps in Rotterdam (2013) and Wassenaar (2019). The camp in 2019 ended with the occupation of the roof of the NATO Communications and Informations Agency in The Hague, to protest the role of NATO in forcing people to flee and its involvement in border security in the Mediterranean.

For more information:

If you want to visit the camp, please meet us at the entrance stand.

Also see

Persbericht – No Border Camp 2022

No Border Camp 2022 van start in Rotterdam
– week met acties en workshops tegen repressief grens- en migratiebeleid

Rotterdam, 8 augustus 2022 – Om 10 uur vanochtend is het No Border Camp 2022 van start gegaan op Giessenweg] 25 in Rotterdam. Gedurende de week zullen daar enkele honderden internationale activisten samenkomen voor acties, bijeenkomsten, workshops, discussie en meer in het kader van de strijd voor een wereld zonder grenzen en bewegingsvrijheid voor iedereen. De internationale campagne ‘Abolish Frontex’ is een belangrijk speerpunt van het kamp.

Het kamp, inclusief zijn acties en workshops, zal aandacht vragen voor het repressieve en gemilitariseerde grens- en migratiebeleid van Nederland en de EU, op een moment dat dat nieuwe hoogten bereikt met muren, racisme, geweld en pushbacks aan en voorbij de grenzen. “Het No Border Camp brengt mensen samen om een beweging te bouwen tegen het verschrikkelijke, racistische Europese grensbeleid en in actie te komen tegen de profiteurs ervan, zoals wapenbedrijven”, aldus Noah van de organisatie van het kamp.

Abolish Frontex is een gedecentraliseerd en autonoom netwerk van op het moment zo’n 130 groepen en organisaties uit EU-landen en daarbuiten. Het doel van de afschaffing van Frontex is niet om het EU-grenswachtagentschap Frontex te hervormen, te verbeteren of te vervangen door meer van hetzelfde. Maar veeleer gericht op het beleid en het systeem dat Frontex op zijn plaats houdt. Abolish Frontex zet zich in voor beëindiging van het EU-grensregime, ontmanteling van het grens-industriële complex en het opbouwen van een samenleving waarin mensen vrij kunnen bewegen en leven.

Het kamp wordt georganiseerd door een coalitie van activisten van verschillende groepen in Nederland en volgt de eerdere No Border Camps in Rotterdam (2013) en Wassenaar (2019). Het kamp eindigde in 2019 met de bezetting van het dak van het NAVO Communications and Informations Agency in Den Haag, om te protesteren tegen de rol van de NAVO bij het op de vlucht slaan van mensen en haar betrokkenheid bij grensbewaking op de Middellandse Zee.

Voor meer informatie:

Bij bezoek aan het kamp graag melden bij de stand aan de ingang.

Zie ook

Route: ENG

How to get to the No Border Camp?

By public transport:

It takes about 20-30 minutes to get to the campsite from Rotterdam Central Station by public transport. You can take several metro/bus or train lines:
• Busses 33 (to stop Kleinpolderplein) or 38 (to stop Spaanseweg). From each stop it is a walk of about 15 minutes to the campsite at the Giessenweg.
• Train to Schiedam Centrum, from which it is a walk of about 20 minutes to the campsite.
• Metro A or C to Marconiplein, from which it is a walk of about 20 minutes to the campsite.
• The closest bus stop to the campsite is Bornissestraat (5 min walk), which can be reached by bus 42 from Marconiplein.

By car and bike:

The No Border Camp takes place at a grass field at the Giessenweg, between the companies at numbers 7 and 37. Google Maps gives Giessenweg 25 for this field:
It is located in the west of Rotterdam, next to the highway A20/E25, between the exits 12 (Rotterdam-Overschie) and 13 (Rotterdam-Delfshaven). Parking is possible directly next to, or close to, the campsite.

Route: NL

Hoe kom je op het No Border Camp?

Met het openbaar vervoer:

Het duurt ongeveer 20-30 minuten om met het openbaar vervoer vanaf Rotterdam Centraal Station op het kamp te komen. Je kunt verschillende metro-/bus- of treinlijnen nemen:
• Bus 33 (halte Kleinpolderplein) of 38 (halte Spaanseweg). Vanaf elke halte is het ongeveer 15 minuten lopen naar de camping aan de Giessenweg.
• Trein naar Schiedam Centrum, vanwaar het ongeveer 20 minuten lopen is naar de camping.
• Metro A of C naar Marconiplein, vanwaar het ongeveer 20 minuten lopen is naar de camping.
• De dichtstbijzijnde bushalte bij de camping is de Bornissestraat (5 min lopen), te bereiken met bus 42 vanaf het Marconiplein.

Met auto en fiets:

Het No Border Camp vindt plaats op een grasveld aan de Giessenweg, tussen de bedrijven op nummer 7 en 37. Google Maps geeft Giessenweg 25 voor dit veld:
Het is gelegen in het westen van Rotterdam, naast de snelweg A20/E25, tussen de afrit 12 (Rotterdam-Overschie) en 13 (Rotterdam-Delfshaven). Parkeren kan direct naast of vlakbij de camping.