NO BORDER CAMPS 2013 & 2019

In 2013 and 2019 No Border Camps were organized in The Netherlands as well. In 2013 in Rotterdam on a squatted terrain. In 2019 on the terrain of a squat in Wassenaar (near The Hague). Both times actions took place during the camp.

Just to get you inspired, here’s some pics! See you at No Border Camp 2022!

2013 (report, Dutch only)

Entering the camp in 2013
Demonstration at the border prison of Rotterdam Airport
Protest against a pending deportation: the banner reads: ‘Today at 8:20 – Deported – Vaselia, with 4 month old baby and 5 year old daughter. Father is left behind here.’
Water blockade of the harbor police
Satire – Dutch shares in human trafficking and exploitation are being sold on the streets of Rotterdam
The camp of 2013 ended with a large demonstration through the city.

2019 (website)

Poster for the 2019 No Border Camp
Flyering at the Red Cross office because of their cooperation with war profiteer Airbus
Picket at Otto Work Force to draw attention to the precarious situation in which migrants workers find themselves and are exploited
Noise demonstration at border prison Rotterdam Airport
Roof occupation and blockade of NATO and TNO terrain because of their contribution to the militarization of the borders.